How to Sell Waterfront Property in Southwest Michigan

How to Sell Waterfront Property in Southwest Michigan
March 31, 2017

Jeffrey Bucholtz
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How to market your waterfront property.

Waterfront properties require special attention in todays market.
From the home owners perspective there are things you can change and things you can’t.  It’s about maximizing the positive while minimizing the negative, but for successful marketing of your waterfront property we must go beyond basics to lure the perfect buyer to the lakeside retreat.


Be certain the dock is out, the beach is clean and equipment is stored in an orderly fashion.  Make it look like the buyers can do what it is they want to do.  Think of the things that you like to do on the lake and make sure the buyers can see what their options are.  Make sure all the trees and shrubs in between your home and the view are trimmed way back.


Know what rules your lake, is it a bustling all sports extravaganza?  A quiet fishing hole?  Know your lake and your community and market the property accordingly.  Is there an exclusive club house, is the water depth conducive to one activity over another. How busy is the lake during the busy season, is it rock or sand bottomed? Is the lake stocked with fish?  Is there specific wildlife concerns?  Are you required to carry flood insurance?


Watch out for special assessments.  Many lake communities in Southwest Michigan have levied special assessments to pay for improvements such as public water and sewer.   Due to high moisture levels associated with waterfront living it is utmost important that it is well maintained.  The homes that sell quickly for top dollar are in excellent condition, if you want top dollar yours should be too.


Lakefront homes excite a buyer, it can be a status symbol, a great way to relax, or a special place to entertain family and friends.   Make sure that even when the buyer is inside the home, if they can’t see the lake, there is still reminders that they are not in a regular land locked home.  This can be as simple as a nautical themed bathroom or some blue paint with white trim.  The interior designs and staging should remind buyers that this home is special, it has waterfront.


Be certain to price your property accordingly with the current demands of the market.  This can be tricky, most waterfront homes are one of a kind, there may not be any recent sales on the same lake, it may be necessary to expand the criteria to include lakes that have similar standards of living to find the best price. 


Signs, fliers, the MLS.  Is that all that’s really needed to sell an amazing waterfront home.  Well yes and no.  With waterfront homes I guarantee you one of the first three showings will be from a lookie-lew neighbor, who maybe just wants to see what the price is, but guess who would really like to move their friend/ family member / grandchildren in right down the street?  Network marketing can create a word of mouth buzz that no SEO can match.  Be sure that the property has a vibrant sign visible from the street but also the water.


Virtually nothing is as important as high quality hi res HDDR photos of your waterfront property.  Photos of the outside, photos of the lake photos of the view.   

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