Market Outlook for Spring 2017 in Southwest MI

Market Outlook for Spring 2017 in Southwest MI
March 31, 2017

Jeffrey Bucholtz

Freedom Realty is the finest independent Real Estate Brokerage in all of Southwest Michigan.  I sat down with one of their absolute best agents for a quick interview as to where the market is heading, when is the best time to sell your home and why Freedom Realty is the only Brokerage that does not charge an unearned fee.

So is this market right now the very best market to sell a home in during the last five years?  

“Yes we are seeing a very low inventory and plenty of buyers with interest rates staying low buyers have a bit more to spend, and the average time on the market is way down to just 15 days.  The industry is humming, loans are getting approved faster.  Lenders have adapted to the post recession reforms in lending and are more efficient, quicker and easier to close with than ever before. Also vacant land sales are up and new home builders are preparing for a boom.  Combine all of this with the annual spring seasonal boost and I think we have the best sellers market in years.”

What if a seller needs to buy a new house before they can sell the one they live in?

“ No problem, we can make an offer on a new house, while the current home you live in is for sale.  We regularly make a contingency in our contract to allow for the sale of your existing home”

What is the best way to sell a home quickly for top dollar in South West Michigan?

“Call us. No seriously call or email or text Freedom Realty, we will set up a time, to meet with you, determine if we can help you meet your real estate goals, arrive at an accurate valuation of your property, provide you with an estimate of your proceeds, accurately measure your home, and take amazing photos.  We will then  market your home to prospective buyers.  We will market to our buyers, we will market to the MLS, we will syndicate your listing to Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com ect.  After we coordinate a showing we will get feedback from prospective buyers , to see if there is anything we need to do to help with the presentation of the property.  If necessary we will advise and assist in staging the property. When you receive an offer we will help you negotiate the best price and terms for you.  Then we will work closely with the title company, lender and buyers agent to successfully close the transaction. “

Seams like a lot of work.

“Well usually things run pretty smooth”

And is it true that unlike your competitors you do not charge an unearned fee?

“ We never have charged an administrative fee.  I remember when I worked a franchise real estate office, which I won’t name right now, they wanted us to charge an admin fee, they were like what is $400 in the course of a transaction , if somebody is buying a house for $200K?  But it didn’t seam right to just add it in, sometimes after the deal has already began.  So I never did then and we don’t as a policy now.  In the Industry it is all about disclosure and I think that other agencies should have to disclosure that upfront.”

Thank you for this amazing discussion!  

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